In Your Hotel, Gladiance is Ambiance...

A hotel is two things to us - a home away from home for your guests, and a business with a million details to attend to.

Think of Gladiance as your ambiance partner.

Check-in just a click away for your valued guest.

Simplicity is at its best with Ambiance – a one-touch express control that can include many functions your guest want - lights, curtains, temperature, and even favourite TV channel to bring mind and body at peace.

With the supreme ease and simplicity of Gladiance, lighting creates a peaceful ambiance or mood.

Climate controls cater to the exact degree your guests prefer…

As a reward for a hard day’s work, your guests can sit back and engage one of the most satisfying functions of Gladiance - Entertainment. They can enjoy their favourite talk shows on the big television screen… Let them browse through movie collection on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube.

Touch to control appliances such as coffee maker, geyser, and many more and increase convenience and comfort.

Their choice of music refreshes them or provides the perfect backdrop for a candlelight dinner… Home theatre comes to life with thumping bass and high-definition action… and much more…

Curtains sweep open or closed or somewhere perfect in between, bathing your guests in natural light, moonlight, or cover of night…

Room Service, Laundry, Bill View, and Feedback are seamlessly integrated, room by room, increasing value and convenience for your guests.

Privacy and Housekeeping modes provided for convenience and comfort of your valued guests.

Thanks to door lock and door cameras, security and serenity envelope your guests.

Security and Emergency – texts or pre-recorded messages delivered to the number(s) you have assigned.

Hotel Info – facilities, contact points and much more – is delivered on the click of a button!

Let your guests tune in to eRadio or stream eNews to keep up with the world… anytime.

Messaging - enhance your revenue stream by delivering promotional offers, specials, and much more to your guests.

Improve staff management by restricting privileges like premium entertainment, air conditioning, and telephone use during housekeeping hours.

When your guest leaves the room, stay secure in the knowledge that Gladiance will be at beck and call, tirelessly conserving energy on lighting, heating, cooling, and much more…

With an extreme ease, your guest can check-out with smile, pleasure and eagerness to visit your hotel again...

So simple, so satisfying.
Aren’t you glad you’ve chosen Gladiance?