About US

We are the pioneers in the field of Ambiance Automation. Since 1997, Innlink has been improving how people interact with technology, in both public and private spaces. Our wide array of products deliver Ambiance Automation that is superior on every level. Our solutions for guest room automation are very popular and are extensively used by many international hotels.

Innlink is pleased to announce our new identity as we roll out the simplest-to-install Ambiance Automation solutions in the world for Homes, Hotels, Hospitals and more - indeed, for every space.

It’s simple.

Glad + Ambiance = Gladiance

Gladiance is the seamless control of your environment: Lighting, climate, curtains and blinds, surveillance, security and access, appliances, television, home theatre and of course your coffee maker... from your smart devices or our wall panels... from home or anywhere in the world. With Gladiance, your environment becomes the extension of your senses.

About Our Managing Director

About Our Managing Director As an experienced space scientist with a Master’s of Technology, Mr. Andurkar VG, equipped with a career spanning more than 28 years, has designed and supplied numerous automation solutions. Driven by an urge to simplify installation - the biggest challenge faced by the automation community - Mr. Andurkar VG has developed most installer - friendly automation solutions available today. Gladiance is elegant, futuristic and simple to install.