We’re Ambiance Automation pioneers in India, enhancing tech interaction in public and private spaces with Gladiance products. Our guest room solutions are top-rated in international hotels.

Our Vision

To transform environments globally, seamlessly integrating all aspects of life through Gladiance. We envision personalized, intuitive control from anywhere, making ambiance an effortless extension of every individual’s senses.

Our Mission

We strive to provide seamless control of your environment: Lighting, climate, curtains and blinds, surveillance, security and access, appliances, television, home theatre and all the possible devices… from your smart devices or our smart panels… from home or anywhere in the world. With Gladiance, we wish to make your ambiance an extension of your senses.

Legacy of Exceptional Performance

In over 30 years, Gladiance underwent rigorous testing in challenging environments. Its omnipresence in premium hotels across India attests to its unmatched reliability and superior performance.







Our Team

We are team of 50+ employees working towards!

Andurkar V G

Founder, MD

Suhas Deshmane

Director, Operations

Shubham Andurkar

Director, BD

Dinesh Lohar


Madahav Lohar

Head of Design

Madahav Lohar

Head of Design

Madahav Lohar

Head of Design

Madahav Lohar

Head of Design