Quads Thermostat


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Product Details

Gladiance Quads have a practical, utilitarian, and minimalist interface. Fine-tuned fascia, decorative bezel, and large square buttons add to your beautiful ambiance. Our minimalism consolidates a wide number of panel options that make Gladiance Quads the most irreplaceable user interface by far, befitting any architecturally high-end space.

Features : Programmable Switch, Premium Wrapped Metal Fascia, Click / Tactile Buttons, Firmware Upgradability, Plug and Play, RJ45 plug/ Pluggable, Snap-fit Mounting, Easy to Use, Multiple Colours, Field Tested

Solution Type: Designer  |  Connectivity: Cat-6 (GladiaNet)

Fascia Type: Wrapped Metal|  Button Type: Click / Tactile

Dimensions: L 147 x H 87 x D 34 mm |  Input: 24VDC, 25mA

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